Action Communications established 1987

Eclipse 2002 Southern Africa - click for an enlarged view


When you've spent years working your way up from
"Hot Metal" based printing,
to "Cold Type", "Computer-to-Plate" and
Digital print, the shifting
world of HTML can be daunting at times.

We produce practical, hard-working websites. We are pleased that our small web client base is happy with the results. Steadily increasing, content relevant "hit rates" are the best indication of usability. SEO is included as an obligation, not an over priced extra.

Many of our clients have cut out expensive advertising and rely almost entirely on their dedicated web site (and the links provided to it from related sites) to provide sales leads.

We can offer total flexibility in design, working
on PCs or Applemacs.


We are expanding our virtual Web Hosting service. Obviously the technically minded can do this for themselves but we find most are happy to pass the hassle factor over to us for a modest fee.

Web Hosting for businesses starts at £5 a month.

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